Grosspad FAQ

Financial expense logging application with features of multiple groups, members.

Awesome features

GrossPad is an Android Application helping users in expense logging cum management functions with their families & friends
Please go to android playstore and download GrossPad into your Android Mobile
We support Android versions above 4.1 Jelly Bean.
GrossPad requires 4 permissions
  • Camera - for taking snaps of your receipts or profile pictures
  • SMS - for reading account numbers from Bank SMS
  • Storage - for storing the data & images locally before sending to server for backup
  • Telephone - for uniquely identifying your phone's entries
For MI/Redmi phones, a special permisssion is required. Please enable by going to Settings --> Permissions --> Other Permissions --> Permissions --> SMS & MMS --> Service SMS --> Select GrossPad --> Click Accept. This will enable GrossPad to read service SMS from MI brand phones.
Currently we have no versions of this app for IPhone or as a Web Application. But we have plans to build both in the future, and we are working on a roadmap for the same.
The Login for this App is integrated with OAuth 2 providers Google and Facebook for now. Please use one of these providers to login and create your account in GrossPad.
You can create groups for sharing common expense/income entries with your family, friends and more. You can have multiple groups for different purposes like
  • Monthly expense tracking family group
  • Wedding expense management group
  • Family dinner expense tracking group
  • Company NewYork Trip reimbursement group
and a lot more
For beta, we have kept the group limit to 50. This may be revised upwards/downwards in the future.