Grosspad expense logging

Log your expenses with friends and groups.

  • Multiple account groups
  • Upto 10 members per group.
  • Manage finances for personal, family, company reimbursements etc...

Grosspad Expense Logger

Multiple groups

Create as many groups for different purposes like Family expenses, Project expenses, Personal expenses etc.,


Add upto 10 members per group and track expenses of the entire family or project.


Android app with support from KitKat 4.4


Assign different permission levels for read, write, account management etc.,

Easy Login

Login with facebook or google account, keep accounts the same as long as the emails are same


Log expenses, incomes, cash deposit/withdrawls/transfers and also assets.

Categories & Tags

Create transactions with categories and also tags to filter down to microscopic levels..


Set a simple budget and keep income & expenses within planned limits

Auto Sync & Backup

Your data is synced up regularly to the Grosspad servers and recoverable any time necessary.